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I'm Dead! Ha! You Rotten Feminists Can't Catch Me Now!

Pity Me? Hate Me? YOU Decide.
17 August
How many times can I say I'm sorry?
abandoning sylvia plath, adultery, assia wevill, being a wanker, being despised, being endlessly criticized, being glad i'm dead, being poet laureate, being smug, crazy chicks, denying complicity, discussions with t.s. eliot, dodging literary feminists, enraging plath fans, fearing gas stoves, going to cambridge, gwyneth paltrow, hanging out in dartmoor, having bad karma, hawks in rain, learning ebonix, poetry groupies, publishing birthday letters, self-flagellation, shameless flirting, suicidal women, the windswept english moor, translating racine, womanizing, worshipping lucifer, writing poetry